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Videoclipuri ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION Blowback

Album: Enemy Of The Enemy (2003)

Step Back from the Blow Back

Plans that were hatched with the strings still attached

See there's always a catch When you're livin' thru a blow back

You're wonderin' why you need places to hide

Keep one eye to the sky when you're waiting for the blowback

Sink into the mud watch out for the scud

Cos oil is thicker than blood in the world of blowback

From ally to madman from client to badman

From Gommorah to Sadaam Starring in the blowback

Invisible sins Invisible Kings

The shit we're in gonna drown in the spin

Permanent warfare

Burning up welfare

Add up add up

Their share of the hardware

Rights disposed of

Government gloves off

Flick of the wrist

Summary justice

Feel the kiss of the U.S. fist

Hollywood, Hollywood tinsel this

Fanning the flames of fanatical fervour

One bad turn always deserves another

Covert and subvert and secret operation

Still sufferin the conequence of active inaction

Tunnelling through mountains building networks of caves

$40 billion dollars for 40,000 graves

Collateral damage and friendly fire

Talking the talk of the undercover empire

(live and direct from the undercover empire)

What's the rules of engagement

What's the price of containment

Can we come to an arrangement

Make a buck off the blowback

They don't know about this flow

Watch the pipe line and oil show

It's McWorld and fries to go

Starring in the blowback

One-sided triangle

squarin' the circle

Pentagonal diagonal

Caught out in the Blowback

Is it really all over

Are we living in endtime

Don't we know that there's no time


Control we now have air superiority

Their only plane was the one we sold them last week

As leaflets, food parcels explode into nails

Bush chokes on a pretzel and Clinton exhales

Sayin' Cool down India cool down Pakistan

Here comes your new billion dollar air squadron

Laying down a pipeline through Kazakstan

This ends this broadcast live from ABSURDISTAN

Live and direct from London, Absurdistan

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