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Versuri Marvelous 3 - Indie Queen

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Videoclipuri Marvelous 3 Indie Queen

She dreams about, the girl she used to be

She dreams about, someone else underneath the sheets

Well you can fly off to London with a coke and a smile

But give it 24 hours and 4000 miles and it's

All just another day away from one less day to cry


How do you feel about that

How do you like it when they touch your face

And turn the page

Tell me now just how you feel about that

She hangs around, the strangest kings and queens

She gets around, but it only gets her clean

Well all the after school specials of the days of your life

And all the anti-drug commercials as you're high as a kite

But it's all just another day away from one less day to cry


Every once in awhile, you should scream and let her out into the light

Every once in awhile, you should tell yourself that it's alright

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