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Versuri Pretty Maids - Loveshine

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Videoclipuri Pretty Maids Loveshine

My baby she's a sexual intellectual

Something special and she's mine

Invaluable unusual amusing

and she's cruzial to my life

She picked me up

Just like an angel out of nowhere

One little miracle

An answer to my prayers

Love shine on me

Lift me up take my heart in your hands

Love shine on me

Never stop cause you're the only one

My rising sun of love

Shine on me

I find her irresistable so magical

So mystical but she's physical

She is

She leaves me in a state of grace

The sparkle on my rainy days

She's my bliss

She takes me unerneath her wings

when I feel blue

My sweet soulsister

Now my heart belongs to you


When I feel lonely like a sailor lost at sea

She makes me realize what love can be

She's so good to me



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