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Versuri Replacements - Sixteen Blue

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Videoclipuri Replacements Sixteen Blue

Drive yourself right up the wall

No one hears and no one calls

It's a boring state

It's a useless wait, I know

Brag about things you don't understand

A girl and a woman, a boy and a man

Everything is sexually vague

Now you're wondering to yourself

That you might be gay

Your age is the hardest age

Everything drags and drags

One day, baby, maybe help you through

Sixteen blue

Sixteen blue

Drive your ma to the bank

Tell your pa you got a date

You're lying, now you're lying on your back

Try to figure out, they wonder what next you'll pull

You don't understand anything sexual

I don't understand

Tell my friends I'm doing fine

Your age is the hardest age

Everything drags and drags

You're looking funny

You ain't laughing, are you?

Sixteen blue

Sixteen blue

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