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Versuri Numan Gary - We Take Mystery (To Bed) (Early Version)

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Videoclipuri Numan Gary We Take Mystery (To Bed) (Early Version)

Confiscate letters like D.E.B.

No natural course of things for her to expect

Withdraw the feelings 'You can, you can't'

I called your number as you told the world

Someone is wrong

Someone is wrong

I'll find the answer, you'll take mystery to bed

My sister coma she was always too shy

You told the story crying 'Darling too good to last'

You taste of love just like the sex smell of me

Someone is wrong

There is no longer any normal to me

You're my assassin but you can't see the crime

Pointless possessions of me & you & greed

I looked at you mistaking needles for eyes

Someone is wrong

You are slow poison that glows in the dark

Such isolation is good for the heart

We will take mystery to bed for the night

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